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About Lifecaring (English)

Life By Design Download PDF

By Connie & Benjamin Chow-Petit

A ‘Life by Design’ Framework built on living systems.

Our behaviours and sense of normalcy is deeply correlated to our immediate socio-educative background and day-to-day environment. Life by design means that we just take the time to stop and assess what, in the vast possibilities of human experience, are the desirable norms we want to use. They might differ, or not, from what’s normal locally – but what matters is that they are chosen in conscience.



Here we state our goals.

Indefinite Lifecaring
Lifecaring means caring and protecting Life under all forms ; indefinite means without having preconceived limitations in time, scope or objectives. The concept of Life here is understood as in “living systems”, which are a subset of Complex Adaptive Systems, and can include ideas, humans, society, AI, ecosystems, bacterias…

Enlightenment & Awareness
Ego & thoughts observation: calm, peace of mind, awareness, free spirit, finding ones’ true happiness.

Mind expansion
Allowing our minds, collective like individual, to evolve as much in purpose and content as in fundamental nature. As in Isaac Asimov’s “The Last Question”, our very capabilities as sentient and cognitive beings is inscribed in a continuum that could, and probably will, extend well beyond our current capacities.
It starts with maintenance and optimisation of what we have, before we can go further through cognitive sciences.
With evolution came beauty, love, science, civilisations, emotions and understanding – what will it lead to in the future ?

Knowledge & Expressions infinite continuum
Always learning, always creating, infinite patterns of understanding. Free expressions, experimentation, new and old interactions of matter, energy and information.

To find a balance in all aspects of our lives to maintain healthy life and long-lasting results. Just like Indefinite Lifecaring, this integrates all aspects of the living systems we currently are: social, physical, mental, etc.

The capacity to adapt in a positive way to whatever life brings. It can be social, physical, mental, etc. Resilience tests & Gerontology

Serenity, calm, detachment & control
By reaching a sense of calm and serenity, we can further detach ourselves from problematic thoughts and actions and control our negative emotional reactions to obstacles, to which each event in our lives is a positive force no matter the situation.

Optimal care & growth
Achieving and continuing steps to pursue a path of having as little gap / latency between what is known, understood and decided and what is actually applied, within safe parameters.


Here we state some of the underlying values.

Sensitive observer, empathy
It is important to listen and to observe the world around us and to learn from the external as well as the internal. Through empathy, we can try to deeply understand who a person is and therefore find a connection.

Universal love & understanding
Because the world is complex and changing, the process of understanding is a continuous one that permeates all aspects of Life. Efficiency, rather than convenience, should solely be a limiting factor in that regard.
In link with Indefinite Lifecaring: Universal love – focusing on common points, common challenges, and complementary differences – rather than conflictualising, which is the easiest thing to do. It has a couple of side effects: inner peace for the practitioner, increased capacity to transform people by facilitating empathy, and finally a positive feedback loop within our close environnement.

Living & adaptive
Just like a self-similar system, this framework and its applications in themselves are built on a living system basis, for its complexity mashing adaptations and inherent strength.

In a world of limited resources – prime amongst them life and cognition – pragmatism is deemed to be an useful tool. It is about doing the best we can with all kind of limited resources, and consider what can be transformed in an useful result within such or such framework. It is also a way of acknowledging that we might not be entirely perfect, entirely true, and that humility is all about doing our best according to our current knowledge and possibilities of action – putting reality, the common reality we all share, above personal pride.
It might entail concessions, but concessions that bears the seeds of efficiency and evolution, fundamentally.

Complete dedication
It takes determination to follow through a life change and to continue. With the help of persistence and biometric statistical data, we can motivate ourselves to reach the goals we have set and go above and beyond the required skills.
We do understand that any decision or event affects our lives in a profound and non-linear way, and therefore, give all of them the attention and dedication they truly require. There can be a big picture, some would say a meaning, behind our life, it is simply about being aware of it and connect them.

In a world of limited resources (time, matter, energy, whatever) the ability to best use them toward our goals is highly important. We thrive to have utmost efficiency, whilst understanding that adaptability requires sub-optimal systems locally.

Truthfulness in quest of itself
Allowing for ambiguity and chaos in life helps us further the quest for truth, that should be a lifelong quest sincere to our person and to others. This internal exercise is in conjunction with external interactions that assist in reinforcing our desire to gain more knowledge and experience, and ultimately the meaning and truthfulness in our lives.
Truth can be seen as internally consistent, externally validated by data and facts, able of prediction, and finally useful, as a truth closed on itself doesn’t allow for evolution.

Overcoming the fear of …
Trust in the unknown, and inform oneself to all the possibilities. Being well informed allows us to navigate our fears with pro-active responses, skills and actions that correspond with the task at hand.

Restitution / Transmission
Documenting and maintaining data so that it can transform into intelligence (the flux of useful information within the ecosystem) for everybody.


Below are a couple of important elements that we use to help with change management:

Goal setting
Strong environmental feedback loops
Transmissible & applicable
Action-based & Community-based
Peer-reviewed & supported
Independant & rational
Ritual & habits, automation
Programmed exceptions
Diversity in exploration
Rewards & Gratitude Loops